At Color Fiesta, we welcome and enjoy custom work. We work with you and try our best to bring form to your ideas. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Please feel free to email and ask for qoutes and do allow sufficient time for such orders.
 Stained glass paintings can be commissioned. We reproduce our own designs on special orders only. However, working on a painting from scratch is what we find most challenging. Please email us with your specifications for price qoutes.
 For handpainted glasses, the type of glass and color of paint can be changed. If you'd like a design painted that you don't see on the website, we'd be happy to paint it for you. Personalizations, commemorations written on the base of the glass can also be added on for free. We paint matching decanters and cocktail shakers to go with your set of glasses. No order is too small for us, because we love what we do. We specialize in custom work for occasions like weddings and birthdays.
 Jewelry can be designed to match an outfit, and custom fittings are done at a very nominal cost.
Following are some examples of the custom orders undertaken by the artist.
We have undertaken an incredible number of custom orders, following were the most fun to make. If you'd like to commission any of these we'd be happy to do them again!
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